Core Expertise

We have in-depth expertise and knowledge in the following areas:

  • UiPath Development (RPA Software), Level 3
  • Automation Anywhere (RPA Software), Business Analysis
  • Securities accounting in accordance with the IFRS and CH GAAP
  • Corporate Actions, including performance impact and accounting
  • Data quality management of securities master data
  • Hedge accounting in accordance with IFRS
  • Implementation of SimCorp Dimension or other ERP

Core Areas

We are knowledgeable in the following areas

  • Project and subproject management
  • Identification of requirements and automatization options
  • Process Analysis
  • Conceptualization & development of solutions
  • Writing specifications
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Moderating workshops
  • Prepare and conduct trainings
  • Tailored training in presentation skills

We know the following ERP systems and software

  • SimCorp Dimension
  • SAP
  • UiPath (Development)
  • Automation Anywhere

We speak the following language

We are fluent in the following languages

  • German
  • English

Project Management

To ensure that projects with a tight timeline and little available human resources can reach their targets, we offer our support with

  • project governance / management
  • project communications
  • project marketing
  • the project management office

Business Analysis

Changes relating to new IT systems, more demanding regulations or internal reorganizations often push employees beyond their performance limit. We accompany your business in

  • analysing existing processes
  • streamlining processes
  • Process automation with UiPath and Automation Anywhere
  • troubleshooting / problem resolution
  • change management
  • providing training
  • implementing the new IT system

Interim Management

In the absence of a team leader or manager, we can support

  • as a coach or mentor for the substitute
  • as interim manager

Presentation Skills

We support your employees to improve their presentation skills through

  • tailor-made courses according to your requirements
  • presentation coachings
  • our own 90 minutes workshop trainings

Workshop Moderation

We will prepare workshops with and for you, according to your goals. We can assist you to

  • identify and decide upon options
  • develop strategies
  • find solutions
  • facilitate cooperation and communication